Radiofrequency neuroablation in the treatment of pain syndrome of the sacroiliac joint

Ya.V. Fishchenko, A.P. Kudrin, L.D. Kravchuk


Background. Dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint (SJ) plays an important role in the formation of pain syndrome of lumbosacral localization. Radiofrequency neuroablation of SJ can be an alternative treatment in pain syndrome if intraarticular injections of hormonal drugs are ineffective. Multiple studies confirm data about the significant effectiveness of radiofrequency ablation of nerves innervating SJ for a period of 6–12 months. Purpose of the research: to analyze the effectiveness of radiofrequency neuroablation of SJ. Materials and methods. We conducted a prospective study of data in 48 patients (12 men and 36 women) aged 53 to 90 years, who were treated in the outpatient department of State Institution “Institute of Traumato­logy and Orthopaedics of the NAMS of Ukraine”. Results. A decrease in pain syndrome according to the Visual Analogue Scale (regression of pain by 3–10 points) was established 12 months after in 83 % of patients. Significant improvement was observed in 77 % of persons according to the results of quality of life assessment (Roland-Morris questionnaire) in 12 months. Analysis of treatment outcomes (by the index of recovery) 12 months after revealed: excellent results in 38 %, good — in 42 % of patients, satisfactory — in 20 % (among them — deterioration compared with baseline was noted in 8.3 % of cases). Conclusions. Radiofrequency neuroablation is an effective method for treating pain in the sacroiliac joint. The effect of the procedure is long-term (more than 12 months), and when relapse of the pain syndrome occurs, it is possible to repeat procedures.


radiofrequency neuroablation; sacroiliac joint syndrome


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