Analysis of the effectiveness of conservative treatment of patients with low-back pain by regenerative injecting therapy

S.M. Martsyniak, N.P. Slobodyanyuk, O.M. Babenko, M.E. Yeromik


Background. An open­label clinical study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of regenerative injecting therapy. The purpose of the study: to assess the effectiveness of regenerative injecting therapy, as well as to analyze the degree of effectiveness of this method in patients with vertebrogenic pain syndromes. Materials and methods. The study involved 30 patients of both sexes aged 20 to 60 years with vertebrogenic pain syndromes: chronic lumbalgia, vertebroge­nic syndrome due to spondyloarthrosis, radiculopathy. General clinical (clinical and neurological, using scales for pain assessment), instrumental (X­ray, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound), laboratory methods were used. Results. The results of the study of regenerative injecting therapy showed a statistical improvement in the patients’ condition. According to the long­term results, conservative treatment (regenerative injec­ting therapy) has been shown to improve physical well­being, increase the ability to work, general perception of the quality of life of patients, and also had good tolerability.


lumbalgia; protrusion; spondyloarthrosis; regene­rative injecting therapy


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