Nutrition as both risk factor and intervention in rheumatic diseases

О.G. Puzanova


The purpose of the paper is to provide a review of the effects of nutrition as a risk factor and intervention in the aspect of rheumatic diseases. Using information analysis methods, more than 100 special literature sources have been studied, including evidence based medicine computer databases. The significance of nutrition as a risk factor for the development and outcomes, first of all for rheumatoid arthritis and gout, is proved in large observational studies, systematic reviews and meta-analysis dedicated to both preventive and therapeutic potential as well as to safety of different food products, diets, micronutrients and probiotics, including in connection with associated main risk factors of non-infectious diseases (tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, increased body mass index). The pathogenetic role of nutrition is considered in the context of its influence on gut microbiota. Necessity of the randomized controlled trials is shown in order to assess the protective potential of different nutritional patterns, as well as the effects of modified Mediterranean diet, some dietary supplements and probiotics intake in rheumatic diseases, and as a result — to develop special guidelines on nutrition in rheumatic patients. There is a sufficient evidence base of preventive counse­ling of such patients on nutritional issues with the aim of cardiovascular risk reduction.


rheumatic diseases; nutrition; risk factor; intervention; review

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