No 4.16 (2014)

Table of Contents

Problem of This Issue

Neuropathic Pain Component in Musculoskeletal System Diseases: Review of the Literature and the Results of Own Researches. Part I PDF (Українська)
V.V. Povoroznyuk, T.Ye. Shinkarenko, U.I. Pryimych 5-13

Original Researches

Trabecular Bone Score in Clinical Practice PDF (Українська)
V.V. Povoroznyuk, D. Hans, N.I. Dzerovych 14-22

Evidence-based medicine

Information Support of Evidence-Based Health Care. Part I PDF (Українська)
О.H. Puzanovа, T.S. Gruzeva 23-33

Practical Medicine

Impact of Vertebral Deformities on Vertebral Pain Syndrome in Postmenopausal Women PDF (Українська)
T.V. Orlyk, V.V. Povoroznyuk 34-37
Osteoarthritis in Different Ecological Regions. The Message 2. Correlation with the State of Drinking Water PDF (Русский)
O.V. Siniachenko, N.V. Naumenko, M.V. Iermolaieva, V.Ya. Mikuksts 43-46
Experience in Nonsurgical Treatment of Patients with Intervertebral Disc Protrusions and Herniated Discs Combined with Lumbar Instability PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Pashkov, Ya.V. Fishchenko, O.O. Perepechai 51-55

Young Scientists

Hyperuricemia and Struсtural and Functional State of Bone Tissue (Mineral Density and Quality) in Men of all Ages PDF (Українська)
H.S. Dubetska 69-72
Clinical Case of Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia in Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type I PDF (Українська)
Ya.V. Mysliborska 73-78
Features of Joint Capsule Formation After Antenatal Action of Antigen PDF (Українська)
A.V. Fedotchenko 79-86