Dynamics of Interleukin 8 Activation due to the Multiple Skeletal Trauma Using Intramedullary Nailing in Experiment


  • U.V. Kuz State Higher Educational Institution «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University», Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine




interleukin‑8, multiple skeletal trauma, osteosynthesis


At the present stage of the development of the medicine, it is important to consider the traumatic disease as a set of complex biochemical and immunological reactions that result in severe changes of the homeostasis and multiple organ failure. Objective — to study the dynamics of interleukin‑8 (IL‑8) activation due to multiple skeletal trauma using intramedullary nailing and possibilities of the correction for complications. Materials and methods of the study. The research was carried out on 87 adult male Wistar rats weighted 180–230 g. The animals were divided into three experimental groups: I — multiple skeletal trauma, II — multiple skeletal trauma + intramedullary osteosynthesis, III — multiple skeletal trauma + intramedullary osteosynthesis + lipin. All animals had a simulation of multiple skeletal injury by our own model. Osteosynthesis with intramedullary rods was performed 3 hours after the injury. Lipin was administered three times. In all animals, we have measured the quantitative indices of IL‑8 by 6, 24, 72, 168 h after trauma by enzyme immunoassay using Vector-Best diagnostic kit. Results. Group I has the peak of IL‑8 activation 72 hours after the injury, in group II the maximum changes occurred earlier — by 24 hours. Dynamics of the cytokine «storm» reduction: in the I group, a significant decrease of IL‑8 close to the established norm occurred 168 h after, while in the II group the dynamics was less pronounced. IL‑8 levels were the lowest in group ІІI.


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